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been a little bit embarrassing to the government. >> right after the storm actually happened, though, and came through there. you took in five local families. a lot of people had no where to go. where are those people now? are they still with you and what made you decide to take them in? >> they're going to be with me a long time. there is no where for them to go. these are the volunteer firemen from seaside heights. we have a police officer and some other emergency personnel. they literally have no place to go. >> i was up there and i'm curious because i did this boat tour and i took a look to try to find some of this natural gas that, as you know, was spewing from the system there. i know it was, you were spelling it in your area. where i was in manalokin they shut that down. >> it was really money versus lives. it turns out that sea water would have seeped into the system and the whole main line would have been replaced which would have taken six, seven, eight months and $100 million. the governor, again, shut the system down, the main line down. however, that caused an enormous a
-atlantic coming in steadily and staying there. that's why we're advising people and government officials are advising people to clear out the leaves in the storm drains. this will create flooding problems. speaking of which, storm surge at the time of high tide, not just your typical flood, can build in especially in the areas in here. we have the inlets. this is where it gets the most dangerous. that water funnels in and piles high. storm surge could be up to eight feet where it hits, new york city. we have to talk about tropical storm sandy and talk about snow. this storm has that interesting dimension where it gets an extra burst of energy coming from this. low pressure from the west is going to trigger cold air, and look at these snowfall totals. it's not winter yet, but it will feel that way in the mountains of west virginia. we could see our computer models predi predicting a foot or more of snow. sandy is going to affect millions in so many ways over some of the most populated cities in the united states. you see the snowfall that we're expecting here at the different levels of el
romney to govern as a conservative, not as a republican in name only. republicans are longing for real conservatism, smaller government. quite frankly, a lot of republicans worry that mitt romney is the guy to do that. right now enough of us in florida who are willing to go from a humongous democrat and from there we'll go to a democrat. we just want a president that puts above the government. >> all you need is a president with a few working digits to sign whatever congress passes. do you really that much care what governor romney's core principles are if he just sips whatever comes out of the house and senate? >> we absolutely care. barack obama said george w. bush signing statements and he made the executive branch too powerful, but it turns out he didn't have a problem with executive orders and signing statements, he had a problem with who was doing it. we and independents in florida want a president who will stay within the parameters of the legitimate authority of the presidency. president obama is not pressing independents in florida by running on bill clinton's record and blami
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)